DOWNLOAD: Black Birdie – DEAR DIARY (Deluxe) ALBUM

Black Birdie – DEAR DIARY (Deluxe) ALBUM

Black Birdie DEAR DIARY (Deluxe) ALBUM Download today marks the arrival of special released AlbumBlack Birdie, ‘DEAR DIARY (Deluxe) ALBUM’ the full project featuring 30 songs. This is the latest album from Black Birdie scroll down and download album zip file packed with high quality mp3 format songs.

Black Birdie – DEAR DIARY (Deluxe) Tracklist

  1. black rainbow / nightmare
  2. LIGHT (Kate’s Interlude)
  3. rainy day
  4. SAME (Aliya’s Interlude)
  5. s & m
  6. JOYFUL (Arielle’s Interlude)
  7. Powerful
  8. INSPIRE (Ny’Asia’s Interlude)
  9. check up ft. Tori
  10. TITAN (Josh’s Interlude)
  11. Haunting U
  12. TWINS (Caroline’s Interlude)
  13. Lucky Charm
  14. PHOENIX (Taylor’s Interlude)
  15. Daily Reminder
  16. FEELINGS (Caleb’s Interlude)
  17. hope
  18. MOM (Ruth’s Interlude)
  19. Creator’s Block
  20. ILYSM (My Interlude)
  21. Emotional Baggage (The Yee-Mix)
  22. FUN (Cameryn’s Interlude)
  23. glass (Broken, Pt. II)
  24. BETTER (Temisan’s Interlude)
  25. love like u
  26. CLOWN (Emilio’s Interlude)
  27. JUGGLIN’
  28. GUIDE (Cameron’s Interlude)
  29. Fear
  30. SUNSHINES (Your Interlude)

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