DOWNLOAD: Alessia Cara – In the Meantime ALBUM

Alessia Cara – In the Meantime ALBUM

Alessia Cara In the Meantime ALBUM Download — today marks the arrival of special released AlbumAlessia Cara, ‘In the Meantime’ the full project featuring 18 songs. This is the latest album from Alessia Cara scroll down and download album zip file packed with high quality mp3 format songs.

In the Meantime is the third studio album by Grammy Award-winning singer, Alessia Cara. Much like her previous effort, every track is completely written by herself.

Leading up to the album’s release, she posted an acrostic message. Her fandom deciphered it quickly as “ITM” or “In the meantime.” Another hint was in the music video for “Shapeshifter”. On August 31st, 2021 she sent out an email to her listeners, prompting them to ‘explore’. The artwork included in the email displayed multiple clocks on the wall, which their hands hinted at the release date. Two days later on September 2nd, 2021, she revealed the official title and date.

Alessia Cara – In The Meantime Tracklist

  1. Unboxing Intro
  2. Box In The Ocean
  3. Bluebird
  4. Lie To Me
  5. Shapeshifter
  6. Fishbowl
  7. I Miss You, Don’t Call Me
  8. Middle Ground ft. CHIKA
  9. Somebody Else
  10. Drama Queen
  11. Clockwork
  12. Best Days
  13. Sweet Dream
  14. Find My Boy
  15. Voice In My Head
  16. Slow Lie
  17. You Let Me Down
  18. Apartment Song


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