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2021 Prophecies By Apostle Ogochukwu Amaukwu

 2021 Prophecies of Apostle Dr. OGOCHUKWU T. AMAUKWU, president of Excellent Christian Ministry Int’l Inc. published and released Oct. 22nd 2020.

2021 is Termed the Year for Justice, Genesis 27: 40

1. A year for justice. 2020 was a year of justice but 2021 will be a year for justice.
2. Hidden secrets/evils shall be unravelled and exposed.
3. A year of decision
4. A year of the valley
5. A year of rewards
6. A year for judgment
7. The cry of many shall receive instant answers
8. Shocking surprises

9. The cry for disintegration will be louder than ever before
10 A. Hope coming to the church
10 B. I see Osinbanjo becoming president. I see the seat of the president turned, I see the vice taking over
11. Slight disagreement between the Chinese government and Nigeria government
12. Many political cabals will not make it to 2023
13. Revolution coming
14. Cultists clash
15. More protests coming that could begin the phase for revolution.
16. Major Sponsors of terrorism will be exposed, disgraced and judged
17. More gas and tanker explosions in portharcourt, delta; Lagos not safe yet…
18. Nigeria will be a hub for tech investments in medicine, road, SME, healthcare, media, transport.
19. The beginning of the rise of the youths to prominent positions in education, tech, industry, media, SME.
20. The rise of young entrepreneurs in various fields
21. God will raise Nehemiahs and Esthers, He will put His spirit upon for a season to effect changes and reforms for the good of all.
22. Pray for Christians in north against arbitrary killings and kidnaps
23. God raising genuine young preachers and prophets, evangelists that will begin the rise of a global revival starting from Africa

24. Another lock down coming in the near future cause, China
25. Another conspiracy theory; Global warming vs global cooling; scientists vs scientists
26. Natural disasters especially raging storm, fire outbreaks and floods.
27. Global revival coming
28. More attempts on Donald Trump’s life but will fail…
29. Home School record, parents focus more on their kids than trusts on teachers.
30. Pray against blood shed in Angola as a result of leadership tussle between two political leaders.
31. Protest and killings in Ghana that may extent to few years
32. Cooperative Republic of Guyana in South America massive deaths and killings.

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