Rihanna Sends Flowers To Megan Thee Stallion – After Firing Draya From Fenty!

Following her emotional video on Instagram Live this week Rihanna sent Megan Thee Stallion flowers.

Meg posted a video of the flowers along with pictures of her SavagexFenty rocking.

“Meg!” the note accompanying the flowers read, “Wishing you a complete and speedy recovery. “Just know you have a whole crew here sending you positive vibes! Love, Rihanna, and The Fenty Corp gang.”

Megan Thee Stallion took to live to specifically set the record about the shooting.

“I see a lot of people drawing false ass images and making up lies and all this other wack ass sh*t, but I do see a lot of people being really helpful and sending prayers and I really appreciate that. I was shot in both of my feet and had to have surgery to get the sh*t taken out, get the bullets taken out, and it was really scary.”

She also denied claims that she had first put her hands on Lanez — but that would also not justify a gun being pulled at her, and certainly not her being shot.