[Preview] JEONG SEWOON(정세운) – 1st ALBUM [24] PART 1

Starship Entertaiment has release preview album for their artist Jeong Sewoon!

On July 13, Solioist Jeong Sewoon has dropped ‘Preview 1st ALBUM (part 1)’.

This video has 2.24 minute duration, with contains several pieces of songs from his latest album.

This will be Jeong Sewoon’s comeback for the first time since released mini album title “DAY” in 2019.

[Preview 1st ALBUM (part 1) Track List]

  1. Say yes

      2. Don’t know

     3. Horizon

     4. Beeeee

     5. ○ (동그라미)

     6. 새벽별

Let’s stream [Preview] JEONG SEWOON(정세운) – 1st ALBUM [24] PART 1 below!


Artist : 정세운(JEONG SEWOON)

Album: 1ST ALBUM [24] PART 1

Release date : 2020.07.14