Talib Kweli – She’s My Hero

Talib Kweli – She’s My Hero


Talib Kweli has always chose the music he made as a platform to introduce his fanbase and further to social issues that many may not be familiar with. After hearing about the case of Bresha Meadows, a 14-year-old girl who shot and killed her abusive father in 2016, Talib began to do more research behind Meadows and her family which ultimately led to the creation of this song “She’s My Hero.” Kweli uses the song as a reflection of not just Bresha Meadows but ultimately, for children who are living in abusive households.

In the description in the song’s Soundcloud page, Kweli writes “What struck me about this case was Bresha’s age. I express myself lyrically, so a lyric popped in my head while thinking about it – ‘Do you kill yourself or kill the monster thats making you suicidal, decisions to heavy for the mind of a child.’”

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