Rihanna and Jay Z Rushed Out of Concert Venue Following Security Breach

Rihanna and Jay Z were reportedly rushed off site at V Festival last night in Essex following suspicion of a major security breach at the VIP section of the backstage area, where they were.



Jay-Z performed at the event and on her Instagram, the BBHMM singer posted a video of him performing on stage, stirring warm comments from folks who had assumed that Jay Z was the reason Rihanna and Beyonce’s relationship went sour.

The Sun reports that intruders broke into the exclusive area where the duo hung out last night, and in response, over 20 emergency support officers stormed the area, flinging chairs and tables and tackling to the floor the men who trespassed the zone. The superstars were evacuated afterwards.


An eyewitness at the venue had this to say:

“It was terrifying. One man smacked a steward in the mouth twice. Another stomped on one of the steward’s chests. He was taken to the first aid tent. No one knew what to do, and security completely lost control. It was very serious.”

Another eyewitness said, “No one quite knew what was going on. One minute the drinks were flowing and the music was playing, the next minute the security had stormed the area and was throwing tables aside. Tape nightclub’s fence was destroyed in the ruckus and then everyone was forced out. It was terrifying. And none of the officers would explain what had actually happened which made it all the more scary.”

Neither Rihanna nor Jay Z has reacted since the story surfaced.


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